Welcome to Masorti Jewish Community Beth Shoshanna in Deventer, The Netherlands

Since september 2015, Beth Shoshanna is part of the Masorti movement, the Jewish denomination for traditional/conservative Judaism, counting approximately 2 million Jews worldwide.

What/who we are

We are a Jewish egalitarian community based upon the equality of men and women. Each person can, using the unique talents and qualities that he/she has inherited and developed, offer their services as gift within and to the community. Beth Shoshanna is a Masorti kehilla, i.e. part of the Masorti movement of traditional/conservative Judaïsm, counting approximately 2 million Jews worldwide.

What we offer

Approximately once per three weeks we hold a service, either on Shabbat morning (Saturday), erev Shabbat (Friday evening), or motseh Shabbat (the end of Shabbat late Saturday afternoon or Saturday evening, depending on the season).

Attending a service

If you would like to attend a service as an interested 'bystander', you are very welcome. See More information for our minhagiem (customs).

If you want to come more often, and maybe even want to become a "mishtatef" (particpant), you have to be Jewish according to the standards of the Masorti Beth Din, or seriously searching to see if Judaism might be part of your life’s journey (aiming at giur/conversion for the Masorti Beth Din). Partners are also welcome.

Synagogue Fund

After years of collecting and saving money, we were finally able to purchase our own Sefer Torah (Torah scroll).

Unfortunately, the beautiful Great Synagogue of Deventer, built in 1892, and again used as Synagogue by us since 2010, is still not in our possesion.

You could help us by bringing that dream closer!