What we offer

Approximately once per three weeks we hold a service, either on Shabbat morning (Saturday), erev Shabbat (Friday evening), or motseh Shabbat (the end of Shabbat late Saturday afternoon or Saturday evening, depending on the season).

At the end of the Shabbat morning service and the erev Shabbat service we share together in kiddush (a blessing over wine), and then a celebratory meal together, where we can talk, lernen (learning together) and sing. On Saturday afternoon/evening, we share in the Seudah Shlishit (the third meal before the end of the sabbath) with lernen and singing. We close our time together by sharing the end of the sabbath and making Havdalah (the ceremony where we move from sabbath, and rest, back to the ordinary work days).

In the services we utilize both the Orthodox and Liberal/Progressive siddur (prayerbook). We offer parts of the service phonetically-written, so that everyone can sing along. You can download the numbers of these pages (in Hebrew and phonetic Dutch). Take a look at our Documents-page. We are constantly working to expand these folders.

Aside from worshipping and learning together we organize Jewish cultural activities. We also offer courses for our attendees in learning how to read Hebrew, and learning how to cantillate (vocalize the text from the Torah Scroll).

If you want to convert tot Judaïsm (make giur), we can assist you, ass well as for a chuppa (Jewish weddings), bar mitswa, levaya (Jewish funeral).


De Synagoge van Raalte ligt aan de Stationsstraat 21, op ca. 5 minuten loopafstand van NS-station Raalte. Gratis parkeergelegenheid binnen handbereik.

KvK nummer 64650766


Masorti Joodse Gemeente Beth Shoshanna Raalte

Stationsstraat 21, 8102 EB Raalte, Nederland